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Fencing is a physically demanding sport that is extremely fast paced and intense.  A highly skilled fencer must be agile and graceful and have the endurance to to engage in intense bouts lasting up to fifteen minutes.  The sport of fencing will improve a fencer's speed, agility, reflexes, stamina and coordination.


A fencing bout is lightning fast and requires intense focus and speed of thought.  Decisions made during a bout need to be made and executed in a fraction of a second.  Fencing increases a person's ability to concentrate, observe and make decisive decisions. Fencers are quick and dynamic thinkers who hone their observation skills to a razor's edge. These abilities are greatly beneficial to life outside of the fencing club.


High level competitive fencers are probably the most intense and fierce fighters ever witnessed. There are opportunities for fencers to test their mettle against other fencers and advance themselves through the ranks and through routine tournaments both local and national.  Anyone can compete with hard work and determination. Fencing is also a recognized Olympic sport and many colleges have competitive teams and scholarship programs.


Size and strength have little bearing in a match between fencers.  A skilled fencer can bout any opponent regardless of age, gender, large or small; it is all skill based.  This is what makes fencing such an inclusive and open sport for anyone wanting to learn and develop their skills.


Fencing is a great way for children to learn self responsibility through play in a non violent and safe environment.  Fencing is a very safe sport where injuries are not common despite training with weapons.  Children will learn that without effort on their part that they will become an obstacle to their own success. Fencing is an individual sport and no one but the fencer is going to score a point for themselves.


Fencing is someone literally charging at you with a sword. We develop in you the boldness and self-confidence to meet that charge, defend yourself against it, and not shy away. That same boldness and self confidence can aid you in school, your place of work, and various other social events. Our fencing club is a wonderful way to meet people and create strong bonds with people of a shared interest.

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Building Community Through Sport

As a non-profit, 501(c)(3), our mission is to promote the modern sport of Olympic fencing in Western Montana through high-quality coaching and competition. Our many classes cater to newcomers and experienced fencers alike, and our youth program is open to kids ages 6+. Want to get started with a unique and challenging sport?

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