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  1.  Be on time for class.  You show respect for your classmates and teachers by being on time and ready to participate.  Inform your coach at the start of class if you need to leave early.

  2.  Come dressed in proper attire—laced up indoor shoes with a good grip (fencing, indoor soccer, volleyball shoes)  athletic pants (no jeans), t-shirt, sweatshirt if cool outside. 

  3. Leave electronics at home or in your backpack. Distractions like cell phones, reading material, hand-held electronic games and iPods are not allowed during practice.  Fencing takes a lot of concentration and there is no room for “multi-tasking”.

  4. Follow coaches’ direction and instructions without interruption.  Questions and clarification are encouraged, but please wait until the coach has completed giving instructions before posing your question.

  5. Come to class willing to accept both positive and constructive comments.  In order to improve your skills, we need to point out what you do well and also give you things to work on.

  6. Never argue with a referee, coach, instructor or opponent, even if they are your peers.  Polite questioning is welcome.

  7.  Show respect to your coaches by saluting before and after a lesson, and saluting your opponent at the end of bouts and lessons.

  8.  Good sportsmanship is paramount at MFA.  Accept and give compliments to other fencers, salute and maintain self-control after a loss and be humble after a win.

  9.  Respect and protect our venue.  Do not hit the walls or floor with your point or blade. Put all of your gear away at the end of class: jackets hung up, swords in rack, gloves and cords in containers. If you have a cubby, your gear should be entirely within your cubby, not spilling out in front. Only masks and water bottles are allowed on top of cubbies.  No cups of liquid please.

  10.  Respect the safety of all members.  ALWAYS carry the fencing blade tip down and NEVER point a sword at someone not wearing a mask.  The blade shall never touch another person except in supervised drills and bouts.

  11. The MFA community gains strength from its diversity.  Our program is based on mutual respect, tolerance, support and encouragement.  There is no room in our club for bullying, discrimination, teasing, intimidation or hazing.  If you experience anything of this sort, please report it immediately to a coach.

  12. MFA is a drug, alcohol and tobacco free facility.

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