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As part of our nonprofit mission to promote the sport of fencing in Western Montana, Missoula Fencing Association, Inc. offers both demonstration opportunities and outreach programs.  Please contact the office if you are interested in either a fencing demonstration, or hosting a class for members of your group or organization.  We have done classes and demos for schools, church youth groups, businesses, and birthday parties. See the calendar for the next scheduled event. The use of MFA equipment is included in all of our outreach programs.

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Each year Missoula Fencing Association, Inc. holds an annual fall fundraising event called the Stab A Leaf rake-a-thon. The rake-a-thon is a way for us to raise money for our organization while doing a service for our community (think “walk-a-thon” only we’re raking leaves, not walking).  Fencers gather pledges from individuals and businesses to sponsor them for 6 hours of raking the lawns of elderly and disabled Missoulians. This program offers a benefit to everyone involved: donors get a tax write off that is 100% tax deductible; people who are unable to rake their lawns get their lawns raked up at no cost; MFA raises money to purchase club equipment and provide scholarships; and more people are able to fence with financial assistance.  All club members are asked to participate in this fund raiser as several volunteers are needed to share the organizational workload.



Building the MFA Community

By giving our time, we support our athletes, their families, and the sport of fencing.  It takes many hands to run the fencing club and there are numerous ways in which volunteers contribute to the quality of our program and the strength of our organization.

Through volunteering at MFA you will learn more about fencing, meet other members of the community, help develop the sport, and gain a sense of investment in the club. We encourage all members of the MFA community to volunteer, whether they are athletes, parents, or friends. 

Suggested  hours: Each club member’s family is asked to contribute 10 hours per year in a volunteer activity.  Some may choose to do more by taking on a specific volunteer role. There is plenty of work to go around and we encourage you to get involved as much as you can.

Community Service: Programs
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