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We remain committed to the health of our fencers and our coaches. In order to maintain such an environment for our athletes, we have put the following protocols in place. As an inside sports facility, it is crucial that we work together to create a space where we can enjoy the sport while keeping ourselves and others safe. Thank you for understanding.

This past Friday, February 25th, the CDC changed their guidance around community levels of COVID-19 risk and the wearing of masks indoors. The updated guidance and a map showing current state and county levels can be found here.

In accordance with this guidance, the MFA board of directors has adopted the following expectations around wearing face masks:

  • Masking will be required if community levels for Missoula County are “HIGH”

  • Masking will be recommended (but not required) if community levels for Missoula County are “MEDIUM”

  • Masking will not be required if community levels for Missoula Country are “LOW”

  • Masking expectations for USA Fencing sanctioned tournaments held at MFA will follow USA Fencing requirements for sanctioned tournaments. Currently, USA Fencing does require face masks for sanctioned tournaments; however, they have not issued any updates since the CDC changes on Friday. Tournament announcements will include any additional information regarding face masks.

We will continue to monitor the community levels and adjust these expectations as necessary.

Thank you for all of your support as we continue to navigate these changes

COVID-19 Protocol: Text
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