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2022-2023 Home School Class Schedule

Home School fencing meets during regular school hours and is open to fencers of all abilities. This program provides an excellent PE option, as well as providing a great venue for developing personal skills and community. Fencing increases strength, speed, and agility while reinforcing discipline, respect, and sportsmanship. With fencing being almost as much as a mental game as a physical one, it is also a great fit for the athlete that prefers a more analytical approach to exercise. Classes run in 6 week segments throughout the school year and are open to both beginning and continuing students. See registration below for session ages, dates, and costs.

  • Ages 8 – 18

  • Sessions are open to beginning and continuing students of all abilities

  • Time: Wednesday 1 – 2pm

  • Dates (6 week class): 9/14 - 10/19

    • Cost: $140 Deposit: $10.00​

If you have any questions, please email or call (406) 304-2869.

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