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Our mission is to promote the Olympic sport of fencing in Western Montana by offering a safe environment where members can learn from qualified teachers using current USFA (United States Fencing Association) rules.

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Mission: About Us


At Missoula Fencing Association, our mission is to promote the Olympic sport of fencing in Western Montana by offering quality instruction in a safe environment to form a community for competitive and recreational fencers of all ages.

In addition to promoting fitness and athleticism, we value cooperation, respect, responsibility, and strong social ties. We support the whole person, not just the athlete. Our programming respects work schedules, dinner hour, holidays, and individual financial needs when at all possible. We foster respect for all of our members, regardless of age or ability, and focus on an atmosphere of cooperation and encouragement. We also support our local community through various community service events.

We consider ourselves a “fencing family” with shared responsibility for the operation and development of our club and its members. Some of our shared responsibilities include: volunteering in support of club operations, supporting our members in both their fencing and non-fencing endeavors, fundraising, and fostering positive relationships with the broader Missoula community. Volunteer involvement at MFA is critical to our success, and we appreciate the work our community does to keep fencing viable in Missoula.

It is important to us that all of our fencers feel safe – both physically and emotionally – in our “fencing family”. The MFA community gains strength from its diversity, and there is no room in our club for discrimination, intimidation, or hazing. We design our programs with an eye to fostering positive social connections among our fencers and organize regular social activities outside of our fencing instruction.

Mission: About Us
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